For applicants in PGDM and MBA programmes, specialisation in sales and marketing is the best choice due to the expanding career chances in this field.Mid-level and entry-level professionals from many specialisation fields of interest, such as finance, information technology, functions, etc., gain a stronger understanding of the consumer perspective through this certification curriculum, which can help them advance their careers to the top level.This certificate programme has been made available by IMT CDL in response to the demand from business professionals who want to further their careers and broaden their areas of specialisation by adding a marketing talent certificate to their resumes.This programme gives working people a place to start learning about and investigating the fundamentals of marketing theory and practises.


Programme Goals

For a better understanding of customer behaviour, evaluate and appraise both internal and external effects.Create and implement the channel and distribution principles to develop a successful distribution network of contacts.Understand the digital consumer's journey and learn how to develop a healthy content marketing strategy to collaborate with the target audience.Create metrics to quantify the quality of services provided in order to foster client loyalty and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of services provided by customers.

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Fee Structure

Programme Fee: INR 27,500 (including GST). 10% of the total amount, including GST, must be paid at the time of registration. During the Enrollment Process: Fee for the remaining 90% (including GST) * Refunds are not given after the first week of enrollment.


After the sessions are over, the participant must complete all of the assignments in one sitting within fifteen days. There will be 30 questions on the assignment, each worth one mark. The student must receive 12 out of 30 or 40% on the assignment to pass.

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