Understanding many financial themes is provided via the short-term certificate programme in financial management. Participants will get a fundamental grasp of financial services and markets. One of the industries with the highest growth in India is the financial services sector, which provides a wealth of chances for those in the finance industry. The course material covers stock and derivatives investment art and science as well as investment research and management. Knowing the market is essential for a financial expert, but it's also crucial to do a careful analysis of business risk, return, and valuation. The course on Financial Analysis and Business Valuation adds value to the programme by describing variables that affect business valuation and methods for valuing stocks and businesses. TProfessionals who want to develop their careers in finance will find the comprehensive presentation of key financial concepts to be beneficial. The curriculum will also be beneficial for those who want to use their financial knowledge to create additional income streams and build wealth.

Programme Objectives

  • Understand the financial markets and services
  • Analyse the securities and manage derivatives investments
  • Analyse financial statements
  • Apply business valuation approaches

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Elementary & Specialisation CoursesEligibility Criteria

Elementary Course: Financial Management

Applicable for candidates applying under the eligibility criteria D

Specialisation courses: 

  1. Management of Financial Services
  2. Analysis of security risks and portfolio management
  3. Examine financial documents
  4. Financial Risk Control

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Fee Structure

  • Programme Fee: INR 27,500 (including GST).
  • 10% of the total amount, including GST, must be paid at the time of registration.
  • During the Enrollment Process: Fee for the remaining 90% (including GST)

* No refund allowed after one week of enrolment.


  • After the sessions are over, the participant must complete all of the assignments in one sitting within fifteen days.
  • There will be 30 questions on the assignment, each worth one mark. The student must receive 12 out of 30 or 40% on the assignment to pass.

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