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13 MONTHS PGCM Program

The certificate program provides well defined and organized and module on business administration. The The structure of the program is framed in such a way that it will modify candidates' manageability, resulting in continues to add value to their  workplace and environment.


The programme lays a solid foundation for a leadership mindset and equips professionals with analytical skills and a cross-functional perspective to build management knowledge across all areas.


The programme, which was created specifically to provide students a thorough understanding of management, offers a rigorous and demanding learning environment. Every significant field of management specialisations is covered in the program

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pgdm What Is Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM)?

PGDM is a 2-year postgraduate level management programme given by independent higher education institutions in India. The majority of top-tier independent business schools want to provide the coveted PGDM both full- and part-time. According to their interests and abilities, PGDM students might select a speciality.

pgem What Is Executive PGDM?

Knowledge of the many management disciplines is desired for top management roles. Your role in managing the company grows significantly as you go up the organisational hierarchy. To deliver efficiently, you must be familiar with the current management practises. Similar to this, understanding management theories and best practises would aid in enhancing an organization's performance if you are running your own business.

msme How Different level Sector Can Grow Their Business Digitally

The large, Small and Medium industrial sector is increasing so fast in India. According to the annual report dated 20-21 of the Ministry of Finance, MSMEs account for nearly 30% of  GDP and create jobs for more than 110 million people all over the country. As a vital part of the economy, it is imperative that the area  stay updated and transformative simultaneously as the times changes by leveraging digital sectors to increase efficiency.

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Campus news

march 22

Faculty Research Seminar – March 22

The faculty research seminar on March 24, 2022 featured a presentation on "Cloud Service Selection for SaaS Platform" by Dr. Preeti Sirohi, a faculty member in the department of IT & Business Analytics. She began by providing a succinct history of cloud computing. Later, she explored several methods used in service selection and covered the models utilised by organisations wanting to choose cloud services. The event was participatory, and attendees asked questions on the subject, which were fully addressed.

aprel 22

Faculty Research Seminar – April 22

On April 27, 2022, Prof. Ravindra Kumar, Senior Dean of the IMT CDL and a former vice chancellor of the IGNOU in New Delhi, led an interesting discussion on the subject GROWTH OF INDIAN CIVILIZATION: PLACING MOHEN-JO-DARO. He provided a thorough visual presentation of Mohen-Jo-Daro, a well-known Indus Valley Civilization site. His talk included socio-historical summaries of the Culture and explanations of the importance of the artefacts recovered at the site.

information session

Informational Meeting Regarding AICTE/UGC Rules


On April 29, 2022, Prof. Ravindra Kumar, Senior Dean, IMT CDL and Former Vice Chancellor-IGNOU, New Delhi, presented an educational session on the rules and regulations of the AICTE and UGC with regard to open and distance learning. Understanding the practical elements and potential for learners in open and distance learning was aided by the workshop.



Research Seminar Of Faculty – June 22

Faculty of Operations and Supply Chain Management Dr Manoj Kumar Srivastava, He presented on the topic “Public Distribution System: A Supply Chain Perspective” The Seminar was organised on the date 29th June 2022. Firstly he started the seminar with short overview of the supply chain,its drivers, and public distribution method.After that he merged this grasp to imagine the public distribution from distribution network perspective and also highlighted the key problems.At the end he closed the presentation with the upcoming agenda.

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